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TrackPicks is a truly independent, non-biased sports handicapping monitoring service whose goal is to bring integrity to the sports handicapping profession. If you are considering hiring the services of a professional sports handicapper, we strongly suggest that you only use one that is monitored by a legitimate monitoring service that displays the picks of the handicappers shortly after the games start. This is the best and most precise way to monitor the monitor.

TrackPicks.com is migrating towards ranking handicappers based on ROI (Return on Investment) instead of the current ranking by units earned. We will still show ranking by units earned but will not use this number in determining the rankings shown on the home page and rankings by sport and time. The current ranking by units earned will remain in effect through the end of 2012 while ROI is gradually introduced into the site. The process should be completed at the beginning of 2013 when our rankings will be determined by ROI.

ROI is by calculated by dividing units earned by units risked and multiplying by 100. ROI will always be expressed as a percentage.

Read more information about ROI...
If you purchase either a 7 day or 30 day package from any of our select group of handicappers, you will have access to the consensus picks engine that allows you to plug in your own variables to get a consensus of picks from the top handicappers in each sport. You can also get the consensus of those handicappers that are currently on a hot streak.
See our sample Consensus Engine.

TrackPicks Best Handicapper of 2017 is.....

TrackPicks Best NBA Handicapper of 2017-2018 is.....
Nicholas Daley

TrackPicks Best NHL Handicapper of 2017-2018 is.....
Matt the Moose

TrackPicks Best NCAAB Handicapper of 2017-2018 is.....
Nicholas Daley

TrackPicks Best NFL Handicapper of 2017-2018 is.....
Sports Scholar

TrackPicks Best NCAA Football Handicapper of 2017-2018 is.....
Nicholas Daley

TrackPicks Best MLB Handicapper of 2017 is.....
Templer's Sports Picks


Each and every handicapper that we monitor must follow a set of rules that we have in place in order to maximize the quality of information that we receive.

They must:
     -Submit a maximum of 10 picks per day
     -Rate each pick between 1 to 5 units
     -Submit a maximum total of 30 units

(this is to prevent a handicapper from submitting ten 5 unit plays. This way they must either submit only their best plays or discriminate between all their picks by rating them according to their strength)

Each handicapper is allowed to designate one of their picks as a POD. This is not a requirement. But should they feel really strong about a particular play we highly recommend they make this designation. We track POD's separately in order to gauge each handicappers skill at assessing the strength of their picks. If you purchase a handicappers picks, you will see which pick is marked POD.

As a free benefit to the visitors of this site, we encourage the handicappers to designate one of their plays as a free pick. And in order to get quality free picks we do track these picks and rank them on the front page.



Have you purchased a pick package from TrackPicks? Use this list to see if your handicapper has made picks today before you login.
Handicappers who have made picks today....

Use this engine to enter in your own variables to see which handicapper is due for the next hot streak. This is a great feature to break down the skill level of each handicapper in many different situations .
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1. Jimmie James Online Sports 26.10
2. carlvegas 12.84
3. EW-Sports Picks 4.25
4. Dave Miller -0.85
5. David Pride -1.70
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click on handicapper name
1. Matt the Moose 134.00%
2. The Don 99.35%
3. Dave Miller 97.09%
4. David Pride 95.24%
5. TrackPicks Consensus 6.06%
6. Jimmie James Online Sports -17.05%
7. Templer's Sports Picks -34.91%
8. carlvegas -36.17%
9. Sports Scholar -50.12%
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click on handicapper name
1. Matt the Moose 134.00%
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click on handicapper name
1. TrackPicks Consensus 36.97%
2. Dave Miller 32.38%
3. Matt the Moose 29.01%
4. The Don 19.18%
5. David Pride 17.39%
6. Templer's Sports Picks 1.15%
7. carlvegas -3.53%
8. Jimmie James Online Sports -8.86%
9. Sports Scholar -14.92%
10. Overlay Sports -19.19%
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click on handicapper name
1. TrackPicks Consensus 20.80%
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1. David Pride 11.63%
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click on handicapper name
1. Jimmie James Online Sports 4.95
2. carlvegas 4.44
3. Templer's Sports Picks 0.50
4. Sports Scholar -7.45
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