Baseball Money Management

With another Baseball season starting. I wanted to talk to you today on how to best incorporate a money management strategy that you can use for the entire season.

When I was the Sportsbook manager at the Desert Inn, baseball was the only sport that the casino lost money on. Baseball is the easiest sport to beat on a consistent basis. 57% of all favorites win over the course of the season.

Here is a money management program that I use every baseball season for my selections. I average winning over $3,000 a month using this program.

It's a program that wins you a set amount of profit for each month.

Well here it is:

Let's say you would like to generate a $1,000 a month of profit.

Start with the betting series.


The only thing you have to do is eliminate the 3 numbers in the series by betting 2 team parlays.

Start by betting a 2 team parlay that would win you enough to eliminate the 2 outside numbers in the series. In the above series that would be 200.

For examples will we use -110 to calculate amount of parlays to bet.

So if you wanted to win $200, you would have to bet a $75 two team parlay.

If you win the parlay, you would have eliminated the 2 outside numbers in the series.

The 100-50-100 series would now like this.


Know you would only have to bet a 2 team parlay that would win you $50.

If you won this parlay your series would be complete, and you will show a $250 profit.

Now let's look at what will happen when we lose a bunch of parlays before finally hitting the 2 parlays that are needed to eliminate the series.

Again the starting series is:


Our first bet is a 2 team $75 parlay. But now we lose this parlay.

What you do here is breakdown the losing parlay amount into three equal parts and add it into the beginning series. Your new series would now look like this.


Your next bet is again enough to the total of the two outside numbers. So your next parlay would $95 which would win you $250. If you won this parlay, you would have eliminated the two outside numbers (125,125) and the series would look like this.


Now you would only have to bet a parlay that would show you a profit of $75. If you won this parlay, you would have eliminated the whole series and would be showing a profit of $250.

I hope you are starting to understand the beauty of this simple little money management system.

Here are the rules to follow:

Establish a certain amount you would like to win. Example $250

Create a 3 number series - 100-50-100

Bet enough with a two team parlay to eliminate the two outside numbers.

When you hit your first parlay, eliminate the two outside numbers, and now bet enough to eliminate the final number remaining in the series.

When you lose a parlay, breakdown the losing amount into three equal parts. And add each part into the three numbers in the series. Keep on adding losing parlays into the original series until you hit a parlay.

When you hit two winning parlays you will have eliminated all three numbers in the series. And will now have a certain amount of profit determined by you.

By hitting only 8 two team parlays in the course of an entire month, you will have won four betting series. In the above example where you're betting series was 250. You will show a profit of $1,000.

Here is a list of how to breakdown each series to win a certain amount.


Until next time,
Tony Stoffo